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2007-6-02: Patch file patched (!)

OK, the patch file from Eclipse was messed up; about 3/4 of all the files weren't included.  So I created a new patch the hard way:  I synchronized my Eclipse project with the CVS repository at 10:30pm EST today, then checked out a clean copy to another project.  I then manually did a full file/directory compare (recursive) to find the identical files and deleted them, zipped it up and posted it here

This one should be easy to apply to GenJ.  Simply pull a clean copy from CVS from HEAD using the time stamp for 2007/06/02:22:30 (GMT-5:00), and then unzip this on top of it.  When pulling the copy, only pull the /dev/app module, which should result in an "app" directory being created.  Unzip the above zip file into another directory, then copy/move/merge the patch "app" directory into the CVS "app" directory.

Please note that I use Eclipse to do the build, so I did NOT update the ant build files.  If you wish to use that, you may need to update it to find the additional files.  If you need help with that, refer to the ".classpath" file in the app directory.  My additions to get the project to compile are in there, and that may assist you in updating the ant build files.

Good Luck!

2007-5-27: Patch file uploaded...

For those who want it, here is a link to a patch file to get a copy of the docking code on top of the GenJ code.  I generated the patch file using Eclipse 3.2 after merging the latest GenJ changes as of 9:00pm EST, 5/27/007, so if you pull the version from HEAD as of this date and time, then apply the patch file using Eclipse, you should have my project.

Please note that I am still looking into a few bugs that crept in from some of Nils changes, but since I am not going to get to it for awhile, I figured I'd post this for the developers in France.

2006-2-24: Long walk off a short (dock) pier

FYI, Nils has put the kibosh on merging the docking version into GenJ. As this was my primary focus, I have dropped off the commiter list and will not be contributing anything else to GenJ at this time. After 2.4 is released I will build a version of the docking port and make it available here (source/binaries) for anyone interested, but I will not be supporting it in the sense that I will not be merging the latest GenJ code into it.

If you find issues with the version once posted, feel free to contact me, but I make no guarantees of any support. I have enjoyed my involvement, but as my contribution was not in the plans for the future, I will be moving on to other things.

I removed the webstart link as it didn't work very well with Comcast's servers and I will need the space to post the "final" version once it is ready.

2006-1-09: Updated to new build 2.x.5.f

I haven't rebuilt the docking version lately; I am waiting for GenJ release 2.4 to stabilize and be released. At this time, I am mainly updating the code to include the latest updates from the main trunk (HEAD). Francois will probably have new builds before I get to it. Please check out his site.

2005-10-28: Updated to new build 2.x.5.d

I have updated the build here on my site to the latest version.  It includes the latest version of Flexdock (0.4.1) with some fixes that I put in. This has the same version number as the files on Francois' page, but unless he has rebuilt them, this is more up to date (I didn't increment the version number). Fixes some pointless tracebacks and a bug that was introduced into the resizing of moved dockables. Also has the latest updates from the main trunk (HEAD).

2005-10-08: Updated to new build 2.x.3.d

I have updated the build here on my site to the latest version.  It adds persistence to the docking layout.  It also has updated Flexdock library that fixes the maximization to be fully workable.  I also fixed the Look and Feel module to understand JGoodies Plastic themes.  I am updating the issues list here on this page with the latest issues I have received.  Please note that some of these are issues with Flexdock itself, and I am following their progress in correcting them.

2005-09-18: Updates and taking a break

I have updated the Java Webstart distribution to fix a bug with file loading not working. I am taking a break for about a week as I have some personal things to attend to and also I need to recharge my batteries - too much coding!

2005-09-17: Better than pictures...

Here is a Java Web Start link for my current build. I haven't been able to get it to work for me since Comcast doesn't have the correct MIME settings and sends it as plain text, but your mileage may vary. It may work in IE, or other browsers, since some browsers use the user's computer to determine MIME types and ignore the server settings, but it doesn't work in FireFox.

2005-08-29: Life is so much faster with a framework...

Well, I have been pretty busy with the Flexdock stuff; just trying to get a feel for it. With about another 5 days (of effort, don't ask how long that is in duration; I do have other things to do in life :) I should have completely erased my old framework and duplicated my MDI app with Flexdock. Added bonus: docking works, and it supports tear of views, which should go a long way toward making it so GenJ can have a single codebase and still support both the old and new (dock based) paradigms. Here are a couple of screen shots. 

More news as it is ready; if you were wondering when I would get back to this, wonder no longer! 

Also, as part of my thoughts on a new navigator view, I have been toying with the idea of adding a "merge" project file that will assist in merging/renumbering of GEDCOM entities.  I'll keep you posted as it develops, but the basic idea is that there would be a "wrapper" GEDCOM, that references all of the entities in open GEDCOM files using the SRC tag.  GenJ would read the wrapper as any other GEDCOM file, but the data would come from the source GEDCOMS instead of the wrapper.  Just an idea while I was driving into work.  Undoubtedly needs work, but it is a start...

2005-08-27: New docking framework...

I have created and (sort of) working demo using the Flexdock framework. Click the link for a screenshot. No real guess when I'll have this working, but I was able to get this working in about 3 hours.

2005-08-23: What's Up

I actually started trying to merge the changes from the CVS trunk onto my experimental branch. I worked on it for about a day, and decided it will probably be easier to just review the changes I made to the previous release and apply them to the trunk. The rest of the changes are overwhelming. Nils has been very busy! The preferences is completely rewritten, so that the current MDI code is just a mess when I try to merge that. Also, I have to consider reworking the editor, since Nils added the simple/advanced option. It never worked well in the side "view" before, and the simple option would probably make it almost unusable in that mode.

So where am I on this now? Well, at the same time I gave up on the merge, I searched for the opensource Swing-based docking frameworks which led me to the Flexdock project. Apparently someone else was doing the same thing I wanted to do: create a reusable docking framework that functions a lot like Eclipse, but is Swing based. I looked at some of the source code; they use the JGoodies Looks library and do many of the same things. I am thinking now that I may abandon my work on my framework, or merge my docking working into that project, then try to hook GenJ up to Flexdock instead of the one that I was working on. It would certainly add a lot of the functionality that I wanted to do, with minimal effort.

Also, as far as the editor goes, my thoughts have been to move it to the "main" tabbed position and create a new navigation tree "view" that works like the tree in the advanced editor, without having the editing options. That seems to be the best way to handle it, since the editor doesn't really fit in the "view" dock.  I had considered this before.

2005-07-24: Getting back to work soon?

Based on a few emails, I just wanted to let anyone who is curious know that I haven't given up on my updates. Its just that my new job has been taking more out of me than I thought it would. Don't give up on me, and keep checking back.

2004-10-09: Getting back to work...

Well, I haven't got anything done on GenJ for at least a month.  I was in the process of evaluating a new job offer and was involved in a bad car accident.  Fortunately no one was seriously injured, but it took me out of sorts for a couple of weeks.  Then I accepted the new job offer and have been getting up to speed on my new job.  One of the things is that they program in C, C++ and their own internally developed object oriented language, so I have been re-learning C/C++ and learning the new language.  All of which has taken me away from GenJ.

However, things are starting to settle down so it is probably time to get back to what I was doing here.  It will help keep my Java skills sharp before I take the certification exam for one thing.

However, there is that much more changes to deal with in merging my code, so it may take a little while.  Check back for more information as it becomes available!

2004-08-06: GenealogyJ CVS commits

The updates to the ADOP tag and Tree view have been committed to the HEAD branch in CVS.  See the forum for more information.

Also completed the following actions related to the windowing code:

  • Created a new branch off of the version of code for v2dot2: mdi_experimental
  • Modified the contents of the branch with my original MDI version of the code and committed it to the new branch.
  • Tagged that with a new version: v2dot2_mdi

See the forum for more information, or see the sources section on the downloads page. (Removed 11/18/2006)

2004-07-29: GenealogyJ 2.2+MDI Alpha

Please refer to the GenJ-MDI Downloads page for access to downloads. (Removed 11/18/2006)

Known Issues (as of Oct 8., 2005)

ID Description Status Status Date
0001 On loading, tabbed window panes that were open before are not opened; views are properly restored by docking, but tabbed window panes are not "dockable" views and aren't processed by the docking manager.  I need to put in some new code to handle that. OPEN Oct 8, 2005
0002 A number of issues with the docking framework on Linux.  I am tracking these against Flexdock itself, as they are aware of this issue. OPEN
Flexdock Issues Tracking
Oct 8, 2005
0004 The timeline view, once docked, doesn't show anything. Here when I try to put it on the upper right side, it shows nothing at all.. OPEN
Work around was to make this the timeline not a view or tabbed window pane.  Still need to figure out why it doesn't work and put back in as a view.
Oct 8, 2005
(Unsupported major.minor version 49.0).
Compiled flexdock with JDK 1.4 instead of 1.5
Oct 8, 2005
0006 Native code issues with rubberband on Linux. OPEN Oct 8, 2005
0007 I am working on a single instance of a view for ALL gedcoms; in other words, the table, for example, would be a single view that contains all the data for all open gedcoms, with a filter (currently it has multiple tabs, with a tab for each open file); likewise the navigator would be tied to the active window in the main pane, so it would switch between active gedcoms as you switch editors. Same with the entity view. STARTED
I have set the views to have no tabs; they now show the view for the currently selected GEDCOM.  Need to make the selected GEDCOM follow the tabbed window that has focus
Oct 8, 2005
0008 ripping the "bird's eye" view off of the timeline and putting it into the navigator. When the active window in the main viewport is a tree, it would switch to the bird view for that tree; if you switch to an edit view, it would change to the editor navigator. I think that may address the issue with the layer problem with the bird view and would be a natural way to look at it. It would also regain some real estate in the tree view. OPEN Oct 8, 2005
0010 Finish the welcome screens; make it DO something OPEN Oct 8, 2005
0011 table view, would it be possible to make a kind of search field. For example, if you type in it : Mr automatically, the focus is put on the first person whose name begin by the letters "MR". This is a very very very awaited feature OPEN Oct 8, 2005
0012 if one gedcom file is opened. if I want to open a new one and close the previous one, the previous one, still appears in the gedcom file opened, and when I want to open the table view and/or the edit view, the views opened with both gedcom files (I have a tab for the first gedcom file (I closed before), and one for the second gedcom file (which is fine of course) OPEN
Flexdock Issues Tracking
Oct 8, 2005

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