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November 18, 2006

I have recently completed creating a number of unique (I believe) Coats of Arms for myself and a number of friends.  I have posted my personal arms here.  I will add the others as time allows.

Above is a collection of some of the Coat of Arms and other Heraldry info that I have received from my dad, as well as some stuff searched off of the internet.

Images that are marked with an outline are from another source and I do not claim any copyright to them.  Where appropriate and/or available, I will list the source of the image and/or information.

All images in the Heraldry section of my site not outlined were created by me.  I retain the copyright.  Anyone wishing to use these images should read and abide by the Terms of Use.

Of course if you want to create your own heraldic images, you will not have any such restrictions, and it is simple (although possibly time consuming)  See the links section below for freely downloadable images that you can use to construct your own Coat of Arms.  That is essentially what I did.

Note on my previous warning:    

Based on some information I had obtained previously (See the following links: Baronage, and Madaris Coat of Arms), I had suspected the Mraz COA from Halberts to be a hoax, so I paid for a COA from Family-Crests.com (House of Names currently does not have the Mraz COA).  See the Mraz COA arms information, but it does seem to confirm that the COA is essentially correct.


Heraldic Dictionary (University of Notre Dame)
Ecclesiastical Heraldry
Knighthood and Orders of Chivalry
Genealogy Helper

The American College of Heraldry
The American Heraldic Society
The College of Arms Foundation (USA)

Canadian Heraldic Authority
College of Arms (England)

Free Coats of Arms
Free Heraldry Clipart
Coats of Arms from Ireland and Around the World
My Histories.com

Free translation service from InterTran - translate between 1482 language pairs - Translation by: www.tranexp.com
(great for translating family mottos in Latin or French)


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