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Giving Credit where Credit is due...

I like to give credit where it is due, as well as receive it when it is due me (don't we all?)

If you want to use content from my site, read the Terms of Use section.  If you want to see the giants upon whose shoulders my site stands, see the Credits section.

Terms of Use

All images in the Heraldry section of my site not outlined, as well as ALL those in my Art section were created by me.  I retain the copyright for all images that I have created, if for no other reason than to prevent someone else from taking it and claiming a copyright on my work.  Anyone wishing to use the images of mine are free to use them under the following conditions:

Contact me via my guestbook to notify me of your use of my material and for what purpose (just so I will know).  If you are using it on the 'net, please include the URL.  I may want to link back to it.

Where possible you will give credit for the production of the image (e.g., copyright notice or other credit to me) as appropriate for the media (e.g., on a web page, link to my site, if used in a pamphlet or brochure a simple credit where appropriate).  In some circumstances, you may not want to put any © symbol or something else (such as printing a picture for framing or putting on a mug or shirt, etc.)  That is fine, but under no circumstances is anyone allowed to claim this work as their own.  Also, under no circumstances is the use of my work to be construed as if I necessarily approve of a person, their position, or how they use my work.  Use of my work by another party is not to be construed as an endorsement of that person or what they stand for.

All TEXTUAL content on this site is my work (unless quoted or footnoted).  I retain the copyright for all my text, if for no other reason than to prevent someone else from taking it and claiming a copyright on it.  Anyone wishing to quote material from this site is free to do so, assuming you can meet the conditions laid out for images.


Original Frontpage template (style sheet, layout) from Round the Bend Wizards.  I changed the styelsheet; replaced all the graphics with my own; reworked the page structure to work with my own scripts; I hacked it into so many pieces that there is very little of the original left, so I didn't feel bound to give them credit on the footer of each page.  The template that I used to start with can be viewed here.

The GenealogyJ-MDI section and content includes derivative content from the GenealogyJ project.

Heraldry section includes artwork from Free Coats of Arms

Some heraldry artwork is based on or uses clipart from Free Heraldry Clipart

All newer heraldry artwork is done using the Armorial Gold clipart that I purchased in the summer (2006).


I removed all the frame stuff, cool-bar script, etc., so those credits have been removed.  All scripts, etc., were written by me, except the RSS JavaScript parser.  You are free to use my page layout, sidebar and tree.js script if you abide by the GNU Public License.

The JavaScript parser is based on this article from XML.com, although I had to modify it slightly to get it to work on Comcast's server, and added try/catch error handling to it.

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