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Betts Coat of Arms

Origin: English, first found in Yorkshire, where they held a family seat from ancient times, long before the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Spelling variations: Betts, Bets, Bettes, Bett, Bette and others.

The arms is as follows: Sable Bend Argent Three Cinquefoil

Crest: Leopard

Translation/Interpretation:   "Black with White Bar, Three Cinquefoil."  Shield is a "Bend" representing a knight's scarf - signifies Defense.  Cinquefoil is a grass of five leaves.  Three may have been placed upon the shield to represent the Holy Trinity, although this is merely conjecture.

Motto:  "I Show, Not Boast"


Cinquefoil - Hope, Joy


Sable (Black) - Constancy, Grief

Argent (Silver or White) - Sincerity, Peace

Notes: Other graphics can be located at: House of Arms and Free Coats of Arms.  Noting the similarity between these coats leads me to believe their accuracy.  Both shields fit the above description.  The only variation between the two is the color of the cinquefoil: Gules [red] versus Sable [black]; and the style of the bend.  It is possible that these are two different heraldry artists interpretation of the same description, or that these are both accurate coats, but for different descendants of the original Betts, with requisite changes based on family affiliations, etc.

Also, from James Wolf Heraldry: "Coat of Arms: Black, on a silver bend three five leaved flowers.  Crest: A leopard."

My old style version of this COA can be found here.

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