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I have now or did enjoy various hobbies.  At this point in my life, it is very difficult to find a lot of time to devote to them.

NEW! I don't have a Tolkien category up yet, but check out my analysis of the runes on the replica sword Anduril that I received Christmas 2005.

I enjoy producing artwork (at least I call it that!).  A long time ago, I worked mostly in pencils and inks, with an occasional watercolor or two.  Now I typically work on the computer, but occasionally do the older method. 

If you are interested in viewing any of my work, please check out my art page.  Please note that all images are copyrighted.  The images on these pages are not the highest quality in some cases as all I may have had were some old photographs.

While not exactly a work of art, here is a link to the R2-D2 that my son and I build.

November 2003 I became involved in the GenealogyJ project (below) as well as renewing my interest in Coats of Arms.  Feel free to browse what I have put together so far!  

I also enjoy tinkering with computers (which is good, because I do it for a living!).  I have become increasingly impressed with open source software and am getting involved in the GenealogyJ Project.  Information on the GenJ work I did can be found here!

For other open-source and software development information, please see my Software Links page.

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