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I have been a big fan of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien for many years.  As I have already started posting some Tolkien related stuff, I figured I would go ahead and set up a place to hold it all.

Names translated to Quenya

Below is a list of the translation and subsequent writing of my name into Quenya and written with Tengwar.  I did my folks, kids, sister and her family, but I'm only posting mine here.  The first is just my name written as-is using the Tengwar in English mode, followed by the translation.

English mode

Kenneth Mraz


Name Language Meaning Quenya Literal Translation
Mraz Croation Frost Ringwë Frost
translated: Quenya mode Ringwë  
Kenneth Gaelic, Scottish, Old English Handsome;
born of fire;
royal oath
Born [of] Fire
Royal Oath / pledge
(middle name) Celtic/Gaelic Fair, Handsome Vanya Fair
translated: Quenya mode Nónanáro Vanya

Quenya mode

Nónanáro Vanya coaco Ringwë

Tolkien Links

From Dr. Peter Kreeft:

Other stuff


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