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Lochner Coat of Arms

Based on COA from My Histories.com

Origin: German

Spelling variationsNone at this time

The arms is as follows (French): "D'azur a la bande bretesse d'or. Accompagne de six flanchis du meme, ranges en orle; a la bordure de gules, charge a chaque flanc d'une fleche d'argent en pal, la pointe en bas"

"Parted quarterly, first and fourth per pale gules and azure, bar argent; second and third or, three roses gules"

Translation/Interpretation"azure has the band bretess gold accompanies by six flanchis by same, arrange out of gold it; the edge of gules has, load has each side a fleche money out of stake, the point in bottom." 

The crest is as follows (French): "Un homme issant, habille d'un parti d'or et de gules, au rabat de l'un."

Translation/Interpretation"A man issuing, dress on a part of gold and of gules, to the the one flap."  

Motto:  Unknown


Heraldic Rose


Gules (Red) - Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength

Argent (Silver or White) - Sincerity, Peace

Azure (Blue) - Strength, Loyalty

Or (Gold) - Generosity

Notes: Sources: Luz Heraldry
My Histories.com

I chose to do this version, as my brother-in-law indicated that he believed his family to be of German descent.  The scottish COA can be found at House of Names

Image - Copyright © 2004 - 2006, Ken Mraz

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