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Larner Coat of Arms
(House of Names)

Source:  My purchased crest from House of Names/Coat of Arms Store (Note:  this is a reduced image.  If you want to get a full-sized copy, you can order it like I did.  It was only $8.)

I found this on the House of Names website.  I then did a search on Swyrich, which said there was no COA available.  I wasn't sure how they could show the COA depicted here if they had no description of the COA available to them (did they make it up?)

So I ordered a COA from the Coat of Arms Store thinking it was a different source, and received the same image as the House of Names image.  As far as I can tell, the "James P. Wolf heraldry", "Coat of Arms Store" and probably a zillion others, are all driven by Swyrich, which runs House of Names.

Back to my version...

This image was not accompanied by any information at all; a search of Swyrich gives the info in the link above, but no heraldic description of the arms.

Image - Purchased from Coat of Arms Store

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