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Larner Coat of Arms

Source:  "The World Book of Larners", © 1994, Halbert's, purchased by my biological grandfather's second wife and given to my father.

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Origin: English, meaning "one who was a pupil or scholar"

Spelling variations:  Lerner

The arms is as follows: "White; two quill pens ppr. crossing diagonally, surmounted by a leek plant also ppr., in each corner at the top, a cornflower az.; and in the bottom corners a white rose."

Translation/Interpretation: "White; two naturally colored quill pens crossing diagonally, surmounted by a naturally colored leek plant; in each uppoer corner is a blue cornflower and in each bottom corner is a white rose."

Notes:  Information on the colors represented in a black & white drawing like this can be found here.

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